Mission statement

We are a group of Myopic Macular Degeneration (MMD) patients and patient advocates.

Our main objective is to engage in dialog with researchers, with the goal of developing new treatments to halt or restore vision loss caused by macular degeneration due to high myopia.

We aim to raise awareness about MMD among patients and in the vision research community. There are around 40 million people around the world, of whom nearly 1 million are in the USA alone, who suffer from Myopic Macular Degeneration. Despite these staggering figures, MMD continues to be an under-researched and underfunded condition, with no treatments available for the most common complication, macular atrophy.

As the prevalence of high myopia is rapidly increasing around the world, so are the risks of serious complications such as MMD, meaning that treatments are urgently needed to avert a global health crisis.

Knowledge about symptoms and monitoring vision changes can help patients get rapid care for the complications of MMD that do have available treatments, such as neovascular membranes or retinal detachments.

This is why we strongly believe in patient empowerment through education and collaboration with researchers and ophthalmologists. Together we can work towards finding a cure.

Map of global cases of Myopia - 'Myopia is the leading cause of visual impairment'